Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God willing

I dont really know what to say here. I've been on Tumblr too much. Haha. So its around two weeks more before I leave for Adelaide. I'm pretty excited about it of course. I've started packing! Hahaha. It was a difficult task because I have so many clothes and I wish I could take them all with me but I can't so yeahhh. I did my best to lessen the amount of clothes. I can say it was a success so far. There a still little little things that I need to pack in. I made space for that so most probably it would be okay. :)

I am excited because there's so many things that I am going to face. New challenges, new experiences, new adventure! Thinking about it just makes me pretty happy and curious. Hehe. However still kinda scared but I'll face it eventually. Its only for a year so I'll be back soon. I have to go through this before reaching my dreams. These are one of the steps that I need to take to fulfill my dream.

Insyallah everything will go smoothly.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leaving for Adelaide in 3 weeks. Excited and scared.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Hii. So I'm on my holiday and I'm not working this time. Pretty bummed about not working also. Oh well. Anyway I'm leaving to Adelaide next year, it looks like its for real this time. I've been talking about studying overseas since I was 17 and now I'm 20 and I'm going pretty soon. I'm excited because I've been wanting to do it however at the same time I'm pretty scared, really. I know its only for a year and one year pass by so fast now. But in one year a lot of things can happen.

I'll be away from mum, lil sister, daddy and the brothers. I'm don't want to leave my cats either, they all depend on me somehow. I take care of them the most. Also I'll be on my own in Adelaide, totally going to miss home like crazy. What's worse is that I'm not sure if I get to see my best friend anytime soon. I miss her so much, I'm having tears just by typing this out. Mi, you know how much I support you living the dream but I really miss you. When you left it took me a while to recover, I sort of cried, a lot. Heh.. Ah then Ciklat my baby cat, she's old already and who's going to take care of her? Fauza, kakak hope you will take care of her and the other cats properly.

I guess I'll be celebrating my 21st birthday without my family and without Mi again.

The year is gonna end soon and it was a roller coaster.

I'm still wishing for the feeling to come back.

Its empty, its lonely, its sad.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life seems so simple yet so lonely. Best friend is far away. Boy best friend is drifting. I spend more time with myself and my cats instead of people excluding my family. I miss those people that I was once very close with.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Omg I haven't updated shit here for so looooooong! No like anyone reads it anyway. Haha but damn I miss my best friend. Come home soon okay Mi and stay safe in Japan.
One of the reason why I haven't been here much is because of Tumblr :D

I've got so much shit to deal with during my one week holidays. Praying and hoping things will go well!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Hii.. My brother got married today. My second brother but the first wedding in the family! I'm so happy for him. I almost cried when I saw the bride hugging the parents with teary eyes. Anyhow, then, I had some troubles with my ears for like to weeks. My left ears, too much earwax I couldn't hear properly. Haha, so when to visit the ENT and after he cleaned my ears and did some hearing test then he treated me for free! How cool is he? THANK YOU DOCTOR! And he's actually my neighbour. Then my sister and I went for B2ST / BEAST concert! OMG IT WAS EPIC! IT WAS AMAZING that I'm really really happy! They are such great performers and I'm such a proud fan. The waiting in the hot sun made it all worth it. Thank you God for giving me such an amazing day! Totally one of the best days of my life. :) I spent today with my family in various events.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 13 and 14

Day 13 Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it.
Well as a typical girl I think I'm fat sometimes. Haha but my best friend will always say you're not fat you're just chubby. Sometimes I'm comfortable with it since I'm kinda curvy but I do have fats here and there la. I'm not skinny for sure. I'm petite as some would say. Sometimes I am comfortable with my body and happy with it sometimes I wish I could be slightly skinnier. I just don't fancy my unflattering stomach and thunder thighs. Haha. My girlfriends say I got nice ass. Lol.

Day 14 What you wore today.
Well today I wore shorts and a simple slightly floral top and flip flops. Went out shopping with that since usually I'll wear simple outfits for shopping. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 12

Day 12- Five guys you find attractive
This is an interesting question and I'm going to include pictures ;)
But its actually a tough one to pick five guys with the perfect pictures.

1. Nishikido Ryo - Fell in love with him when I watched One Litre of Tears. And his smile is so beautiful. :) He may not be the tall skinny guys I like but he's amazing enough already. I love his acting too. :)

2. Lucas Eugene Scott - He's a fictional character, I like him more than Chad Michael Murray who is real haha this is because Lucas' character is just beyond amazing. So pure and deep.

3. Choi Minho - He's someone I wish to marry. Period. He has the qualities I want in a man. Looks, security, personality, passion.

4. Choi Jonghoon - He's just so so so gorgeous and that for me I feel like he's a dream. And if I actually see him in real life someone should pinch me, really. His face is perfection.

5. Kim Junsu - He has such nice jawlines and really nice fingers. I love guys with nice fingers. He sings well which makes him even more attractive.
And yes majority of them are Asians because I love Asian guys :) ♥

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 9, 10, 11

Day 9 How important you think education is
I'm the person who thinks that education is important. It can take you somewhere and you'll survive the world with it. And learning is fun, knowing knew facts is interesting, really.

Day 10 Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play
1. Always where I need to be - The Kooks
2. Amazing Ft Young Jeezy - Kanye West
3. Roland - Interpol
4. Lollipop feat SHINee - F(x)
5. Get Em High - Kanye West
6. Set Fire to the Rain - Adele
7. Length of Love - Interpol
8. Hello - G-Dragon feat Dara
9. Ring Ding Dong - SHINee
10. I am in Love with You - Imogen Heap

Day 11 Your family
Well I have eight people in my family including my parents and myself. Yup big family. I have four older brothers then me then a younger sister. We are pretty much not family kinda people but we all have good relationships with each other. Nobody hate anybody in the family. I'm very close with mum more than dad. And of course since my sister and I are the only girls so we are pretty close. I am also close with my oldest brother although we are 9 years apart. Oh yea my third and fourth brothers are twins. Uhh my kitty cats are included as family too! I had one cat who passed away when I was younger, her name is Girl. She was family but I was so young I don't remember much about her. Then I had two cats Cik Teh and Cik Lat. Cik Teh died few years ago. And Cik Lat is still here and forever my baby. Then we have another three more cats. Cik Yah, Kitty and Kuku. So now I have four cats at home and they are family.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 6, 7 & 8

I have missed quite a lot of days for this 30 days challenge thing. Oh well. I'm gonna continue three days more. :D

6. Your views on mainstream music
Aha my views on mainstream music? This is interesting. Okay I'm not so sure what I'm gonna say. Lets see. Mainstream music are music played on the radio and televisions which some of them are not my cup of tea and some are well done. Some are just over played and it makes the song becomes blehh. Its like the first time you heard it, it was nice and then its just plain annoying now. Haha. But I'm not one to judge much in music but I enjoy various kinds of music genre. Its nice when you are open with any kind of music. It makes the world a better place somehow. Silly but true. Mainstream music are usually music that are followed by the current music genre which sometimes saddens the mainstream music scene. We need variety, we are greedy for variety. I just feel that the radio now are not as fun as it used to be. Last time they play really good music with soul but now its just about partying, drinking, getting naked, etc. I mean those are fun but dude music mostly should be something deep and soulful yo. Yups thats what I think but I do enjoy some party music too sometimes but still prefers the soulful kind of music. The ones that just takes me to a better place than reality.

7. Five pet peeves
I had to google what pet peeves means. Haha. My vocabulary aint that amazing kay. Anyway, I just dislike when people disturb me especially at the wrong timing. When I'm eating, sleeping and in the lazy mood. Secondly, I dislike drivers that tailgate and drive as if in they are in a hurry and cut you then drives slow. Like seriously dude what the hell man. Thirdly, I get annoyed easily I'm not really sure on exactly why but I do. Sometimes I dislike people asking me questions but that depends on what kind of questions too. Then also sometimes I dislike when someone cleans something but they didnt clean it properly. I get really particular on things like that. I'll re-clean it. Haha. Thats all I can think of.

8. What you ate today
Well I had my breakfast. I made sandwich! It has beef bacon, cheese and salad. I toasted the bread though and put butter cause I like it like that. :D And had a banana. I eat fruits after every meal when I eat at home :)

P.S - Sorry if theres some errors, too lazy to reread them. :) Have a good day! x

What worries you, masters you. -John Locke